if you have a special trip planned and you can’t bring along your pooch, worry no more. drop him off at our front door and we’ll pamper, amuse, nourish and spoil him until you return. 

if you’re visiting napa and can’t bear to leave your dog at home, bring him along and drop him off with us. we’re just a few miles from downtown napa, located near many of the areas premier hotels, and encourage daily visits from mom and dad if you care to stop by and pay your pooch a visit. 

ruff. boutique hotel offers 32 rooms in 4 sizes—the standard, the deluxe, the suite, and the executive suite. each room includes deliciously comfy beds by BLUEBLOOD and masterful works of art by Interior Devine. 

during the day, boarders will benefit from the same fun and games featured in daycare service. consider it just a common courtesy so no one gets jealous. 

we gladly provide a grain-free dog food but if your pooch is a picky one, feel free to bring along your own eats. we’re happy to accommodate any special needs. 

tummy rubs, play toys and stuffies? we’ll kindly throw a little something in the room or provide “extra” tender love and care. check our rates list for prices on individual items.


working 9-5 makes it hard to give your dog a walk around the block. we know because we did it ourselves. leave your dog with us for doggie daycare and we’ll be sure to give him the tender love and care he would miss while you’re off bringing home the bread. 

whether your pooch is at ruff. for an entire day while you’re at the office or just a few hours while you run your errands, we’ll make sure your doggie socializes to his heart’s content—rain or shine. 

our 1500 square foot indoor play area offers lots of room for fetching and rambling. but sometimes what your dog really needs is a bit of fresh air. your pooch can roam our 4000 square foot outdoor play area—frolicking in the sun, playing in the rain, taking a dip in our “wading pool” and soaking up that precious vitamin D. 

there’s no need to worry about leaving the television on for company anymore. at ruff. daycare, they’ll socialize with dogs of all shapes and sizes, making new friends every day.