to ensure that all dogs have an enjoyable and carefree day, we require all visitors to undergo a very simple temperament interview (á la sociability test). if your pooch is deemed in need of a bit more attention than the average four-legged companion, we’ll happily service him in our PSP program*. temperament interviews are by appointment only. 

males must be neutered BY 7 months of age. Any male older then that can use our PSP program*

an overnight trial is required before scheduling a reservation at a longer length (ie. 3 nights, 7 nights, 12 nights). if your first visit just so happens to be one night we can use that as the "trial". if there isn't time handle a proper trial we would be happy to book the reservation IF there is an option for pick up, in the case it doesn't go as smoothly as expected. 

females in heat are not allowed in the facility. 

please make sure that your pooch has had the following vaccines: Bordatella (every 6 months), Rabies and DHLPP. Canine Influenza is not yet required but we are advising it incase we do have to make it a requirement.  (we don't accept proof of a titer test in lieu of vaccines). 

collar requirement: we require ALL dogs come with a "quick release" collar (not to be confused with break away). we don't allow collars with buckles, martingale collars, choke chains or pinch collars in play area, however can be used when arriving or departing our facility.

we are not a "no bark" facility however we DO NOT allow excessive barking in our hotel. barking can create problems and makes the overall environment unpleasant for our four-legged guests. 

we don't allow pit bull terriers, staffordshire bull terriers, presa canario, cane corso and any other known fighting breeds, or mixes of breeds to be in our socialized group, however we would love to take care of them in our PSP program. *we have to right to refuse ANY DOG for ANY reason.


please make sure that your cat has had the following vaccines: Rabies, FELV, FVRCP (we don't allow proof of a titer test in lieu of vaccines).


regular: we require 3 days notice for any cancellations. If we are not notified 3 days prior then we will charge for 1 nights visit.

holiday: we require 1 weeks notice for any cancellations. If we are not notified 1 week prior then we charge for the ENTIRE scheduled visit.

thanksgiving, christmas + new years: these reservations require pre-payment and cancellation policy is different. please inquire for details.